2011 Legislative Accomplishments

Legislation Introduced by Rep. Buckley

HB 2020: Reducing Management-to-Staff Ratios in Government Agencies

HB 2020 requires state government agencies with over 100 employees to review their management structure and begin reducing the ratio of staff to management to 11:1. In the long term, this bill will increase government efficiency and save precious tax dollars by eliminating redundant and/or unnecessary management positions.

HB 2220: Proficiency-Based Education

HB 2220 provides school districts with the tools to overcome a major hurdle in the transition to proficiency-based education: standard student assessments. Curriculum becomes more individualized and multi-faceted in a proficiency-based system, and traditional assessments do not adequately measure student progress in this type of learning environment. HB 2220 ensures school districts have the ability to assess students on their proficiency in the knowledge and skills of their grade level. More information can be found here.

HB 2221: Oregon Roadmap to Language Excellence Scholarship

HB 2221 implements one component of the Oregon Roadmap to Language Excellence developed by the Center for Applied Second Language Studies at the University of Oregon. The Roadmap is intended "to create the conditions that will allow every Oregon graduate to be professionally proficient in English and functionally proficient in another language by 2025." HB 2221 does its part to accomplish this goal by authorizing the Oregon Student Assistance Commission to award an Oregon Roadmap to Language Excellence Scholarship to Oregon students attending a higher education institution in the state who demonstrate proficiency in speaking, reading, and writing in a foreign language. For more information, please visit the Center for Applied Second Language Studies.

HB 2872: Friends of Family Farmers

Regulations meant for large-scale agricultural operations can be prohibitively burdensome to Oregon's family farmers. HB 2872 relieves small farmers from one such regulation by exempting poultry producers who raise, slaughter, and sell 1000 birds or less per year from costly inspections. For more information, please visit www.friendsoffamilyfarmers.org.

Legislation Supported by Rep. Buckley

*Indicates a bill co-sponsored by Rep. Buckley


  • HB 2336: Exempts farmers selling their products directly to the consumer at farmers' markets from state laws regulating produce dealers and food establishments.
  • HB 2800: Provides funding to the Oregon Department of Education to award grants to school districts to implement Farm to School programs, providing students with access to fresh, local ingredients.
  • *SB 444: Clarifies and expands Oregon's "homebrew law" exempting individuals who produce homemade beer, wine, and fermented fruit juice from the state Liquor Control Act to allow the making, keeping, storage, and transportation of up 100 gallons per household of one person or 200 gallons per household of two or more persons.


  • HB 3106: Gives eligible at-risk students priority for participation in the Expanded Options Program.
  • *HB 3362: Expands career and technical education in Oregon public schools.
  • HB 3474: Improves the preparation of teachers and administrators.
  • HB 3521: Improves the ability of students to apply credits earned at community college to baccalaureate degree programs at state universities.
  • SB 242: Provides the Oregon University System with greater authority and autonomy through collaboration with the State Board of Higher Education and the newly-established Higher Education Coordinating Commission.
  • SB 252: Establishes the School District Collaboration Grant Program to help improve student achievement.
  • SB 290: Directs the State Board of Education to adopt core teaching standards to improve student learning.
  • *SB 800: Removes outdated and redundant state education mandates, thereby reducing costs for both the state and local school districts.
  • SB 909: Establishes the Oregon Education Investment Board to oversee education policy from prekindergarten to age 20. Establishes the Early Learning Council to coordinate early childhood education and services.

Energy and the Environment:

  • HB 2960: Creates the Clean Energy Deployment Fund to provide grants and loans to weatherize, upgrade, and retrofit public school buildings to increase energy efficiency. ("Cool Schools")
  • HB 3145: Expands Oregon's "Bottle Bill" to include most beverage containers no later than 2018 and increases the deposit to 10 cents if statewide redemption rates fall below 80 percent two years in a row.
  • HB 3149: Provides clarity surrounding motor vehicle insurance coverage for peer-to-peer car sharing programs.
  • HB 3150: Allows cities to lower the speed limit five miles per hour below the statutory speed limit on low-volume streets to facilitate pedestrian and bicycle traffic.
  • HB 3399: Authorizes mandatory inspections of recreational and commercial watercraft for aquatic invasive species.

Good Government:

  • HB 2634: Establishes the Citizens' Initiative Review Commission to oversee the review state initiative measures by citizen panels.
  • *HB 2880: Establishes the National Voter Registration State Compliance Council to oversee state compliance with the federal National Voter Registration Act of 1993 and improve voter registration in Oregon.
  • HB 2825: Requires information on tax expenditures related to economic development be posted on the Oregon Transparency website.
  • *HB 3105: Requires executive summaries of reports that must be filed with members of the Legislative Assembly to be sent electronically rather than in hard-copy, reducing wasted paper and printing and postage costs.
  • HB 3291: Requires state agencies to follow up on audits by the Secretary of State.
  • HB 3672: Modifies and extends ten tax credits to maximize the state's investments in economic development, clean energy, and research and development while also eliminating ten wasteful tax credits. The bill is projected to save the state $368 million between 2011 and 2017.

Health Care:

  • SB 99: Establishes the framework for the development of the Oregon Health Insurance Exchange.
  • HB 3650: Establishes the Oregon Integrated and Coordinated Health Care Delivery System to oversee the transformation of the Oregon Health Plan to a system of integrated and coordinated health care.

Jobs and the Economy:

  • SB 494: Eliminates the sunset on the 2010 Access to Business Capital Act, which provides loans to emerging small businesses from the Oregon Business Development Fund and Entrepreneurial Development Loan Fund. Since its passage in 2010, these loans have created or saved over 300 jobs at small businesses across the state.
  • *HB 2879: Charges the Grow Oregon Council with advising the Oregon Business Development Department on an economic gardening pilot project focused on helping existing stage-two businesses (10 to 100 employees) grow.
  • HB 3000: Allows state agencies to give preferences to goods and services produced in Oregon when bidding out contracts.
  • HB 3247: Establishes a "One Stop Shop for Oregon Business" website to provide businesses with all the information and resources necessary to start, expand, and operate a business in Oregon in one convenient location.
  • HB 5528: Provides $16 million to OregonInC, which partners the private sector with Oregon's universities to create new companies and jobs in Oregon.

The full text of all of these measures can be viewed by visiting the website of the Oregon State Legislature, selecting either "House Bill" or "Senate Bill", and entering the measure number.