2009 Legislative Accomplishments

As a member of House Democratic Leadership, Representative Buckley played an important role in the passage of legislation:

  • Expanding the Oregon Health Plan to cover an additional 80,000 children and 35,000 adults (HB 2009/HB2116)
  • Directing the Environmental Quality Commission to adopt a low-carbon fuel standard, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Oregon (HB 2186)
  • Providing foreclosure assistance for Oregonians at risk of losing their homes (SB 628)
  • Improving professional development tools for teachers (SB 443)
  • Phasing out field burning in the Willamette Valley (SB 528)
  • Removing the Klamath River dams (SB 76)
  • Requiring chain restaurants to provide nutritional information on menus (HB 2726)
  • Allowing U.S. veterans to pay in-state tuition at Oregon schools (HB 2571)
  • Creating the Nursing Faculty Loan Repayment Program to help recruit and maintain nursing instructors in Oregon schools (SB 701)
  • Funding much-needed transportation infrastructure improvements while simultaneously creating thousands of jobs for Oregonians for the next decade (HB 2001)

In addition to his work as House Co-Chair of the budget-writing Joint Committee on Ways & Means and member of House Democratic Leadership, Representative Buckley secured passage of a number of pieces of legislation important to his constituents in Southern Oregon.

Southern Oregon University & Rogue Community College Capital Construction Funding

As House Co-Chair of the Joint Committee on Ways & Means, Rep. Buckley worked to secure $5.5 million for the new SOU Theatre Arts Building, $5.9 million for seismic retrofitting of SOU's Churchill Hall, and $1.3 million for deferred maintenance projects at RCC.

Mental Health Protection & Choice

HB 2506 protects consumers from unlicensed and disciplined counselors/therapists and requires insurance carriers to provide coverage for services rendered by Licensed Professional Counselors and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists.

News Coverage: OregonLive.com

No Oregon Child Left Inside

From The Freshwater Trust:

No Oregon Child Left Inside (HB 2544) will help our youth develop the knowledge and skills they will need to devise creative solutions to complex natural resources challenges. NOCLI will build a framework to support our youth reconnecting with local forests, backyard streams, local landowners and nearby rivers. NOCLI will establish a state environmental literacy plan that will ensure that every student will graduate as an environmentally literate citizen. This will also position Oregon to receive pending grant monies under Title II and Title V through federal No Child Left Inside legislation. Oregon students will receive all of these benefits without creating new educational mandates or taking existing funding away from current educational programs and efforts.

Strengthening School Libraries

HB 2586 requires school districts to include school libraries in their continuous improvement plans and makes monies appropriated to the School Improvement Fund available to school library programs.

More information available at Fund Our Future Oregon.

Rogue Community College Funding

HB 3116 allows Rogue Community College to hold district-wide elections on bond measures. Prior to HB 3116 being passed into law, RCC--which stretches over two counties--was only able to hold elections on a bond measure in a single county or service area at a time.

Protecting Utility Ratepayers in Manufactured Home Parks

HB 2613 protects manufactured home park tenants from being billed more for electricity than the park owner is charged by the utility provider.

Protecting Tenants in Flood Plains

HB 2614 requires landlords to notify tenants if a rental property is located within a 100-year flood plain, allowing the tenant to purchase flood insurance if they so choose.


The full text of all of these measures can be viewed by visiting the website of the Oregon State Legislature, selecting "House Bill" and entering the measure number.